Anwancorp Logistics and Export

Anwancorp Ltd. provides an excellent logistics service for your quality products to reach you quickly and efficiently. All export processes from China will be done through a company export license. It is possible that suppliers may or maynot have such a license but our company will take care of all the export issues to make sure the documentation is correct and ready for the export process.

Shipping documents are sent to the customer well in advance of the boat arrival dates allowing customers enough time to make the necessary arrangements for their consignment goods to be cleared. There are numerous boats leaving from many ports here in China every week and we will pre-book the sea freight to give you the most competitive rates to reach you in any part of the world.

Regular air freight is also available from the major cities in China as well as Hong Kong. We work to obtain competitive rates for customers who prefer to receive goods by air. We are also familiar with air courier door-to-door service which includes clearance and inland transportation but can be considerably cheaper than air freight especially in China where the rates are less expensive than other countries.

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Anwancorp has the experience and expertise to ensure that companies are successful in benefiting from the opportunities and challenges offered by China.

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